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  Practice Areas:


  • Traffic Tickets

  • Small Claims Matters                          


 We Strive to provide you with legal services relating to Traffic Tickets like:


  • Speeding Tickets

  • Careless Driving

  • Stunt

  • Racing

  • Driving while holding Hand Held Device

  • No Insurance

  • Driving while License suspended

  • Fail to obey a stop sign

  • Red light 

  • Unsafe move 

 And All Other Traffic Violations

Please note that:

- No Legal advices provided through this website, and contents of this website not to be considered legal advices by any means. 

- Contacting us via this website will not establish a Paralegal-Client relationship 

- You are not to provide any personal and private information when you communicate us Through this website. 

Small Claims Matters
Civil Disputes of Maximum of $35000.00 Damages 
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